Supermid Jets are slightly smaller than a heavy jet but designed for true coast-to-coast range.  They are crafted with comfortable, stand up cabins and spacious baggage bays.  Our Featured Supermid is the Bombardier Challenger 300. The Challenger 300 can seat up to 8 passengers in its wide-body cabin.  The generous width, flat floor and stand up height create a comfortable and productive environment for passengers while flying high above traffic and weather.


 8 Pax  2-3  530  mph  3,100 nm
  • Spacious baggage compartment (for example: 8 golf bags plus 8 carry-on bags)
  • Example of flight non-stop: Los Angeles – New York, New York – Las Vegas
  • Full refreshment center
  • Private lavatory
  • Satellite phone

Aircraft Type