Heavy Jets offer long range, spacious cabins, generous stand-up height over 6 feet, along with seating for up to 16 passengers depending on configuration.  Privion Jets offers its Bombardier Challenger 604 for charter and specializes in management and operation of the Challenger 600 series.  At over 7 feet in width, the 604 is true wide-body comfort.  With its deluxe forward galley, aft lavatory, and quiet cabin the Challenger 604 is a popular favorite in the Heavy Jet category.  If you are looking for long-range travel in comfort there’s no better choice than Privion Jet’s Challenger 604.


 9-10  3  530  mph  3,800 nm
  • Wide body cabin seats 9 and sleeps 5
  • Non-stop range coast-to-coast up to 7 hours
  • Spacious, inflight accessible, baggage compartment
  • Complimentary unlimited WiFi
  • Full galley with oven
  • Private, fully enclosed, aft lavatory

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